Dutch Vink Whisky

Vink Whisky is a accessible Dutch blended malt whisky. After one sip, you’ll taste the notes of vanilla, wood and a subtle ‘kick’ of red fruit. The bottle of Vink reads “Triple Wood”, which means that Vink is a blend of 3, 5 and 7 years of ageing in Bordeaux & Bourbon barrels.

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7 Years Single Cask+ 1 Year PX Finish

Deze in beperkte oplage gebottelde whisky is een meesterwerk van Arthur en Allard. De whisky is gedistilleerd van rogge, spelt en tarwe en heeft achtereenvolgens voor zeven jaar gerijpt op een ex peated Schots eikenhouten vat en één jaar op een ex Pedro Ximinéz vat. Voor botteling is het product licht gefilterd.

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Vink is on a mission.

With Vink we present a tasteful whisky of Dutch origin. Vink is for everyone, whether you have never drunk whisky before or whether you travel to the Scottish Highlands every year for your annual tour, we have something for you. Vink is very accessible in terms of taste, but is complex enough for the more experienced drinker. The most important thing is that Vink tastes great and looks terrific.

Vink’s slogan: Everything you eat and drink passes your heart.

Vink is the story of a colorful bunch of men, all individuals with complementary skills. We are master distillers, creatives and traders. What do we have in common as founders? We do whatever it takes to give life taste.