Vink Whisky Experience


This ultimate Combi pack contains the following:

  • 1 x Vink Whisky 5 Years Peated Port
  • 1 X Vink Whisky Triple Wood
  • 2 x Whisky giftset

This combi-pack brings together the best of both worlds. The Vink Triple Wood whisky you have a very smooth and accessible Dutch whisky. The 5 years Peated port is a slightly peated whisky and has a very subtle but smooth port finish.. This batch only consists of 4.244 bottles and is the Masterpiece of our masterdistillers. After a sip of the5 years peated port you will taste almonds, raisins a hint of red fruit and burned hay.


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Why choose for Vink Whisky?

We make Vink Whisky for everyone. So whether you go on a trip to the Scottish highlands every year visiting one distillery after the other or that you just started your whisky journey. Our Vink Whisky’s are very accessible but have more than enough complexity for the more experienced drinker.

Product specification

Vink Triple Wood

Inhoud 70cl
Smaak Vanilla, wood, red fruit
Alcoholpercentage 42,7%
Distillery De TweeKoppige Phoenix

Vink Peated Port 5 years

Content 70cl
Taste Almonds, Red Fruit, Raisins, Burned Hay
Alcoholpercentage 44,7,%
Distillery De TweeKoppige Phoenix

Looking for a gift? Surprise someone with the Vink Whisky Experience. The best thing? You can always decide to keep one bottle for yourself!

Visit our Distillery
Always wanted to visit a Dutch Distillery? Sent us an email ( and discover the possibilities. Curious who is running the show at the Vink Distillery? Check out the ‘Vinken’  here.

  • Vink Triple Wood

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  • Vink PX finish
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    Vink 7 Years Single Cask + 1 Year PX Finish

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